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Aloha from the Office

I’m in my second official week here at the Waialae Baptist Church office sitting in for a family friend.  Between casual conversations with the pastors and administrators of different ministries I get to sort through mail and email, file papers away, type on desktop keyboards (and typewriters), spin in a chair that swivels, print church bulletins and outlines, and I have a gorgeous view of the park adjoining with my elementary school:


Now that I’ve been out of the rigor of classes and have had to shift my brains into an office setting, there are things I have realized:

  • I really, really, REALLY like office supplies.  And typing on a real keyboard.  And sitting on a swivel chair.  And receiving mail daily.  And being climate-controlled.
  • I really, really, REALLY hate answering the phone.  And answering questions about financial things.  Well, finances general.
  • Being out of school makes you appreciate sleep.
  • I like being able to putter around the house and have ice cream at any hour I want.
  • Transportation is liberating.
  • Being on a computer all day makes me want to read more.
  • Confession: I have yet to pick up a book and pretend like I’m going to start reading.
  • Asian Japanese food in Hawai’i is far superior to that of Virginia.
  • Lack of true community inhibits spiritual growth.
  • Saying you’re going to do something is less effective than writing out a list, glancing at it then mulling over when you’re going to try and start the task.
  • Being in an office makes you want to make more lists.
  • Waking up at 6:30 to get to work before 8:00 is easier when you go to sleep at 11 at night.  I miss being a night owl.
  • Owls are fascinating.
  • Garrison Keillor’s voice is a great thing to hear at 9 in the morning unless you’re exhausted.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease is frightening.

I am enjoying this new experience to be a part of an office setting.  This moves me up to work experience number six.  That’s scary.  It’s almost like I can’t hold down a job, which I can’t because I keep traveling between Hawai’i and Virginia…  Okay, so in conclusion of this really scattered post I’ll leave with this: Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

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