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The Joy Dare

This year I am going to turn the frown in my heart upside-down.  I am going to partake in the Joy Dare which uses a prompt a day to share with you three things.  I think that too often I get bogged down by the cares and burdens of our current world and by my pains of the past that I take little time to remember all that God has already given me and to truly reflect and be thankful.

So today we start.

3 Gifts Heard
1. The rain.  I rarely enjoy the rain in its physical sense, but today’s rain is refreshing and cool.  Today’s rain skipped humidity and has been at a steady trickle all day.  Its drizzle calls up my woes to the surface and washes them away.
2. The laugh of extended family.  In Hawai’i family is so important, and I’ve been blessed with having a great family.  The room could be filled with squabbles but when we sit around the table or are engaged in an intense round of Bingo we are often sitting together and laughing.  I can’t remember the last time our family fought because my memories are filled with giggle fits and cameras flashing capturing smiles.
3. Behold the Lamb, Keith & Kristyn Getty.  This was the song I started my New Year with.

I think this is reflection of my state of heart right now and the place I want my heart to remember often.

So there you have it.  Three gifts heard.  Happy New Year!

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