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Somethings On My Mind

Lists are fun.  I’m not good at keeping to them.

It’s official: I’m not going back to Hawai’i for the summer.  I need to find a place to live.

I need to find a place to work.

Trusting God in this time of overwhelming uncertainty is such a struggle.  I want to be where He wants me to be, but I’m terrified.  I’m terrified of getting it wrong.  I’m anxious.


Goodbye, my Hawai’i

Things I miss about being home:
Having a double bed.  Twins are too small for me and my three pillows and four blankets…
Easy access to the kitchen and living room.
Living rooms.
Bathroom that is shared with only one person (and stealing that person’s toothpaste constantly.  Ha.).
A well-stocked kitchen.
It seems that I miss spaces the most when I’m home.  Having my own space to retreat, create, or be a part of.
Close proximity to the grandparents and aunty and extended family.
Japanese food.  Plate lunches (mostly loco mocos).  Home-cooked dinners.
The Ocean.

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