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Hello, February

3 Old Things Seen New

88. Bricks on old buildings.

89. Eighty-three year old eyes.

90. The moon.  Its quiet presence.

A Gift On Paper, In Person, In A Picture

91. Paper transfer from my roommie to my waterbottle.

92. Three-hour long conversations.

93. The past captured in too many unflattering memories.  But, oh!  The smiles.

3 Gifts Red

94. Firecrackers.


95. That red color of frozen fingers.

96. Blood from cuts reminding me that I’m human.

3 Gifts On Paper

97. Fortune cookies, silly.  They’re so much fun and sooo not Chinese…  Also, crossword puzzles, sudoku, comics, obituaries, secret notes, phone numbers, smiley faces.

98. I love that a little note on a paper can make Grandma so happy!

99. Colors.  Of the wind.

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