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3 Gifts Seen As Reflections

169. Sometimes the best gifts that are given are the ones that are received fully.  You never give a gift with the expectation for anything in return, no matter how subtle things are.

170. I guess I’m in a reflective mood, and have been recently, but I think that the biggest gift I was ever given was something that she presumed would be punishment for me.  I got a week off from work exactly when I needed it and it was totally a God-thing that he used.  It was beautiful.

171. Mirrors are great and terrifying all at the same time.  They are helpful if you think there is something on your face, but they’re brutal when you’re looking at things that you’re not sure you want to see.  Sorry, is this too much for a simple mirror?  I just realized their importance today.  I guess it also causes you to think about what is being reflected: What is real?

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